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While additionally saving battery power by using asynchronous technology which enables each core to be power up and power down independently. This technology combines with the largest battery which Nokia has used within a smartphone mAh. The result is a smartphone which lasts longer between charges. The Nokia Lumia also comes with built-in wireless charging for an easy, convenient way to get more out of every day. This uses the Qi standards for compatibility with all wireless charging products that share this certification.


Nokia has released details of a Fatboy charging pillow which provides a convenient and easy method of charging. Be it web pages or media files you will be able to access and work from the cloud like never before. Hopefully you will find the answer to your question, if not, use the contact form below and we shall answer it for you.

Yes - If you are located outside of the UK you may want to take a look at our list of FAQs for international customers on the following link: Yes, this phone is unlocked and can be used with networks around the world. Do check the specifications to ensure compatibility in your region with your network provider. No SIM card or contract applies to this phone.

Unless the description of the product suggests otherwise I. Nokia Lumia Overall Rating 4. Screen, camera, Nokia Music, everything! Top marks. I've had a good number of android devices, and this is the slickest finish I've ever seen on an OS, seriously impressive.

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Love it. Yes I'll review Clove, Windows Phone 8, and the phone separately. Very good communication, easy to deal with. My delivery was delayed three times a week in total from the first shipping date given. On each occassion I got an email but only on the day it was due to ship even with this delay the wireless charger I ordered wasn't in stock. I accept this isn't a long delay and was more to do with Nokia than Clove, but there could be work to do with alligning shipping dates before giving them to customers.

The phone shipped on a Tuesday and arrived at my door in Ireland on Thursday morning which is good going. All told though, I can accept these issues since they were well communicated and would do business with Clove again. I was a windows phone 7 user samsung omnia 7 that had massive updating issues, getting 'bricked' etc. I loved what MS were trying to do with UI and hubbed native apps but was frustrated by crashes and terrible updating.

From what I'd read about WP8 I thought it'd be a step up, but I wasn't holding out for a clitch free phone. I've been very impressed, I know it's a basic expectation but it's refreshing to use a phone that never stalls, lags, or crashes. So the funamentals that were missing on WP7 are all fixed. As for everything else - it's great!

The hubbed idea is improved particularly in the camera app, having third party apps feed into the native camera is such a benefit, it can't be overstated. This holds true with the people hub, which even in WP7 was much better than the iOS and Android alternatives and is pretty much unchanged here. So they still run as standalone apps although there's no gtalk app. The User Interface is also beautiful, live tiles work really well I hate Android widgets because they always seems too customizable, one home screen with live tiles, one list screen works much better than it sounds.

So that's all the good stuff also the camera hub is great, but thats well documented everywhere it seems , apps have been advertised as the real downside to WP8, in comparison to iOs this is definitely true I haven't used Android long enough to compare, although it is annoying that simply having an android phone means all android apps will work so that should be taken into account when comparing on this measure.

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For me apps probably aren't the most important thing, I don't go downloading a new game every week to keep me occupied, but what I do like is the real functional apps. So to compare the app I use on my iPad versus my new Lumia Newsreader is Zite on both a great app by the way.

I have whatsapp and viber on both devices. Sky Go isn't available on windows phone but other than that I would say the apps I use most are all present and correct. I don't use Twitter much so the standard client is fine, I find the facebook app very good and the nokia exclusive apps are exceptional and go a long way to justifying at least part of the outlay for this phone. The store itself is poorly laid out which doesn't help WP's case especially when everywhere else the interface is excellent.

Finally the phone. The first thing you'll notice is the weight.

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It is a heavy phone, that said after a day two with the phone I didn't notice. Even then though, when I pick up my girlfriends iPhone that feels light as feather in comparison. Next you'll notice that it's big, this is a positive as it fits easily in one hand and the pocket. So it's probably as big a screen as you could fit comfortably. The screen itself is great, most review have noted that the marginal improvement in PPI over the iPhone isn't noticable, but to be honest it was immediate to me.

Bear in mind I was comparing to an iPhone 4s and not the iPhone 5 so maybe the difference isn't noticable then. Sensitivity to touch is brilliant too. The camera is exceptional, and the nokia pre-loaded lens really add to it, some are more fun than particularly useful but Smart Shoot and the Panarama are really impressive. Aside from that the hardware stays out of the way, the battery lasts a little over a full day of playing with it, and I've easily lasted more than two by being careful of it.

I know this is a long review, but when I was thinking of making my purchase I went reading through for actual user reviews, so hopefully this will help someone. Not Available. Currently Unavailable. Built-in wireless charging Taking simplicity and convenience to the next level, this Lumia comes with wireless charging capabilities that dispenses off with the hassle of wires and plug points. Smart Camera This smart feature of the 8. Nokia Pro Camera With complete control over focus, shutter speed, balance and such, the Pro Camera on the Lumia allows you to take professional level photographs without too much hassle.

Rate Product. I bought this product approx 10days back. Everything is working fine expect for one. The screen flickers sporadically until you unlock the keypad: Phone gets heat up very soon. Battrey backup very less, You need to charge twice a day.

Nokia Lumia 920

Prashant Joshi 10 Feb, Have had the phone for for about a week now and its been an absolute pleasure to use it. It's intuitive, elegant and really simple. Plus you can drop the phone a few times and it wont mind! Doesn't need a cover! Nikhil Sinha Certified Buyer 27 Jan, Long Post Alert!! No doubt the NL is a gem. I have used it for a couple of hours and WP8 is a fantastic OS.

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The Nokia hardware is fantastic and just feels at home with the fluid and fantastic OS. The camera is awesome and since the Portico Updates as someone already pointed out it has got even better. The notification center update is coming out I am truely in love with my Lumia Yellow, Ferrari Yellow to be precise. The product is beautiful, and when u place it along side your friend's smartphone you can see what stands out.

It a head turner, whenever I am in public and talking over my phone, people do notice the device in your hand. As far a the product is concerned, its definitely one of the best smartphones in the market. The size and weight of product just feels right in your and and give you a feel that it's a solid product Ashish Bhatia Certified Buyer 1 Apr, Initially i was confused whether to go for iphone 5 or lumia , but i tried my hands on with lumia and it completely blew my mind.!!