Samsung galaxy 3 battery life vs iphone 4s

Also, the whole affair of rooting the SGS3 will be easier when you have removable storage.

Apple iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs

In my opinion lack of removable storage is a flaw of the One X. The first is Burst Shot — The phone captures images at a rate of 3.

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The second is the Zero Shutter lag feature — quick snaps! The last, and my personal favourite, is the ability to identify people within your photos and be able to easily send them a copy.

Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Apple iPhone 4S Price, Specs, Ratings

I think everyone who has seen the pictures agree — S-Voice is a Siri lookalike. They could have changed the design a little more though.

iPhone vs Android: 5 Years Later

Besides the very Siri-looking interface, it seems to mostly be a booster on the voice services that came with the Galaxy S2 I found that S-Voice worked fine for me, then again so does Siri. Have Samsung improved on Voice Recognition in the areas Apple slipped up? Samsung have introduced quite a few new features and standards for other smartphone manufactures to attempt to beat.

These include:.

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I like the sound of every single one of these. It is far thinner, lighter and delivers more for your money. How about you? What are your thoughts?

Is the S3 too much phone? Does it stand tall when compared next to the S3? While the iPhone's screen is smaller, it also results in a more manageable handset.

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  8. Also, despite the iPhone's lower screen resolution - x - it's 3. Both displays are protected by Corning's Gorilla glass but use different technology.

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    On paper, the iPhone 4S is no match for the raw processing power of the Galaxy S3. Both phones' chips are based on ARM's Cortex A9 but Samsung's Exynos has twice the number of cores, which run nearly twice as fast - four 1. Anandtech provided some preliminary results that show how wide the graphics gap is on some benchmarks. The iPhone 4S is significantly smaller but heavier than the Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3 has a volume of 83 cubic centimetres Despite the more compact outer dimensions, the iPhone 4S weighs g compared to g for the larger Galaxy S3.

    Far from a drawback, many users have found the iPhone 4S' denser mass to be reassuring, giving the phone a more robust feel.

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    In contrast, some rival handsets boasting of lighter weight risk feeling flimsy by comparison - there seems to be an unspoken relationship between physical size and expected weight in relation to perceived quality. Both can record full HD footage, both have eight megapixel sensors and both have front facing cameras VGA for the iPhone 4S and two megapixel for the S3. In theory, both handsets have similar photographic capabilities, but we'll be testing them side-by-side soon to evaluate which makes the better pocket camera.

    Two bitter tech rivals go head to head

    The S3 runs Android 4. The problem with customised versions of Android is that updates can take an age to appear - the Galaxy S2 has only recently seen an upgrade to ICS, for example. Because the iPhone is the only phone that runs iOS, there are no different flavours on different handsets.