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It is not enough to say that the group is offensive or used for abuse. The group chat history is included in each report, but does Kik support actually review each chat history to determine if the report is valid? Thank you. I recently had to redownload my app and have found that it only works for a few seconds before freezing.

My phone has memory, the app is updated and my phone is fully updated. I have emailed kik help due to the fact that the help articles do not answer my question as to why this is happening since I have followed all the suggestions already. Feel the people having issues either have not kept there IOS updated, not there Kik updated. Or maybe they have a non apple app download? Works great on my 5SE. Simple, fast, private, and not data hungry. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Get connected. Enjoy using Kik! Thanks for using Kik!

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Check out your profile to find out! Do you like pizza, sports, or games? Now you can share your interests on your profile and make new friends. Information Seller Kik Interactive Inc. Size Category Social Networking. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Ted even said that Kik had to charter a plane and load it up with extra servers to bring to their data center just to keep the service up and running to handle the influx of users.

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Here is what Kik is planning on doing: After solidifying the app and introducing these new privacy features, Kik plans to bet big on photo sharing. Kik is touting a system they have created to let your phone sign you into Kik.

All your buddies are there, you can chat, see your message history, photos, and other content in one place. It would prove to be pretty difficult to start charging millions of people for a service that was free from the beginning, but mobile ads are certainly a possibility in our mind.

Possibly a premium product with additional features? Who knows. With kik you use your real name and then your screen name is more in the background, which is cool because if I want to find a friend named Vanessa Thomas Exp , I can search for that name and not lilfreak69nurmowth.

Kik's Kin Cryptocurrency Rewarding App Live on Apple's App Store

Kik is like a more professional grown-up IM, like facebook is to myspace. When facebook first started you had to be in college with a college email to be a member, they sent the registration to college emails only. You can transfer files of any size, plus when you send a message you know whens its been delivered and when its been read. Unlike texting where you simply send it and you hope they receive it, sometimes SMS gets delayed, I know I have received some messages an hour later.

I see a lot of downtime from their twitter feed.

What’s Kik Messenger All About? – BGR

I guess I dont understand if this app is more like YAK free txts , or more like Yhoo messenger, where you actually have to have the app open and be signed in to get messages? Surely the Blackberry store has something that will talk to the MSN network no? Why re-invent the wheel? But this just seems like I would be installing Google Chat again, but with a different name, especially if file transfers are iffy. I, too, will be getting an Android phone next month. BBM should do cross platform and not require pins.

They would destroy any of these wannabe IM clients. There are great programs already that do this, kik, whatsapp, pingchat and lots others. All these services should unite on the same platform, probably jabber.

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Symbian is bleeding market share and will probably fall to second place in , but still it should be supported. There is no such thing as a BBM email. Except without the ability to use your PC to respond. Whatsapp is useless, too. Second, kik is faster than texting and has sent, received and read notifications..

Kik for iPad: How to Download the Kik App on Your iPad

Plus it has profiles, status, group chat.. Wow, what a puff PR piece.

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How much did you get paid to print this? Quotes from the CEO, raving review, how much better it is now e. Always attacking the news source instead of commenting on its content.