Thomas was alone ios review

Unfortunately, the iPad version is plagued with frame rate issues.

‘Thomas Was Alone’ for iPad game review

Right off the bat, you can tell from the menu animations the game is running at a less than ideal frame rate, somewhere close to 20fps. In the game itself, the frame rate varies from acceptable to annoyingly low, to the point where it actually impacts the gameplay. It varies from level to level and sometimes within a level itself.

But then there is also the superb soundtrack that makes playing this game such a pleasure. The simple and often haunting soundtrack consists of several tracks and is one of the highlights of this game. You may stop playing the game but the music stays with you long after. Everything great about the game, the characters, the narration, the story, the music, the gameplay, have translated beautifully to the iPad and whatever little doubts were there regarding the controls are put to rest in the first few minutes of playing the game.

Thomas Was Alone (iOS) game review

I wish the developers sort out the frame rate issues on the iPad but otherwise, this is as close to perfect as you can get with a game. Excellent characters, story, narration, gameplay and soundtrack Cons: Erratic frame rate. App Store iPad only. Gameplay Thomas Was Alone is a 2D platforming game where you control seven distinct AIs who have the form of different quadrilaterals. Graphics and Sound Thomas Was Alone is a simple 2D game that uses basic geometric shapes to tell a story. Erratic frame rate Price: App Store iPad only Note: This game was reviewed on an iPad Air.

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Thomas Was Alone

Your question is probably already answered Posting your contact info such as phone number or email is not a good idea. We won't be responsible for any unwanted consequences. If you don't follow the above rules, your comment will be deleted. But any of my occasional timing issues fall far into the background when looking at the game as a whole; it held me captive for hours last year, and many hours more this week when I played through it on the iPad.

Quick Play - Thomas Was Alone: Benjamin's Flight (Free Prequel DLC Expansion Update)

Thomas is a puzzle platformer with elements of Portal, Sword and Sworcery, and your other favorite indie games, but has a heart, story, and soundtrack all its own. Serenity has been writing and talking and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click.

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In her spare time, she sketches, writes, acts, sings, and wears an assortment of hats. You Should Play: Thomas Was Alone. As it progresses, more colorful shapes are introduced and you must use them together to advance. Controlling your blocks is handled with the usual on-screen controls.

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On the left are the direction arrows while on the right you tap a diamond to jump. To switch between the different shapes you must tap the corresponding colored slithers on either side of the screen.

Staff Picks: Thomas Was Alone is an ode to artificial intelligence (and double jumps) | Macworld

Unfortunately these can be hard to tap and instead of swapping characters you end up jumping. This can be extremely frustrating when you do need to swap quickly but end up failing. Throughout a voiceover accompanies you and relays the story.